Why a woman pictured peeing in public won't be punished

Why a woman pictured peeing in public won't be punished

It's something a Pensacola man did not expect to see near Veterans Memorial Park - a homeless woman relieving herself in the middle of the street on Sunday afternoon.

Scott Oliver snapped a picture and called Pensacola Police.

Oliver is wondering why that woman is not facing any charges. He was shocked by what he saw and expected police to intervene when he called them.

Oliver said this is more than just a homeless person urinating in public.

Veterans Memorial Park is one of the most sacred places in Pensacola.

Families go to the park to pay their respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Oliver saw that moment stained a special place for so many.

Feet from the entrance of the park, Oliver took a picture from his car of a homeless woman peeing in the middle of the street.

"One to show the police what she had done as evidence, and basically it was just mind-blowing that somebody would do that down here next to the memorial wall when people are walking around with their families and their children," Oliver said.

Oliver said police were able to track down the homeless woman, but they didn't issue her a ticket or place her under arrest.

He said, "We come down here quite frequently. Like I said, me and my wife and daughter. What if my daughter seen something like that? That's going to be stuck with her. What if it was a guy? My daughter is five years old."

He thinks this is part of a bigger problem.

Oliver said homelessness in Pensacola is getting out of control and wants to see the city do something about it.

"I'm not saying turn your back on the homeless," Oliver said. "I understand they need help whether it's mental illness or whatever it may be to help them to get into a better place."

Pensacola Police Public Information Officer Mike Wood said there are a number of reasons officers didn't make an arrest.

For instance, the person could have been sick and simply couldn't hold it.

Police also have to decide if there was criminal intent.

Anyone who is caught doing this under those guidelines could face indecent exposure charges.

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