Wild weekend weather & the biggest threat

The most likely time for weekend rain is Sunday.

The weekend will be warm, humid and stormy at times for the Gulf Coast.

The biggest threat for people on the Gulf Coast this weekend will be dangerous rip currents. A strong southeast wind will persist and cause highs seas and strong rip currents. This poses a risk to anyone who swims in the Gulf. If red flags fly, the Gulf is closed to swimming.

There is a 50 percent chance for showers and storms on Saturday and the WEAR-TV FUTURECAST says morning storms are possible. If sunshine rules the morning hours instead, afternoon thunderstorms would be more likely.

Sunday is the most likely day for rain to move through and it could hit anytime, morning, noon and night.

Heavy rain is likely and the WEAR-TV area could get one to two inches.

Plan for heavy rain, thunder at lightning at different points over the weekend. While a severe thunderstorm cannot be entirely ruled out, severe storms are not expected.

The weather will be most windy along the coast but inland wind gusts could reach 20 miles per hour.

Next week a strong front could bring some nice changes to the area.

UPDATE: The late Friday night FUTURECAST run has most of the rain falling during the overnight hours. Click here to view.

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