Fatal accident leads to road safety questions

Photo source: Channel 3's Christopher Saul

A late-night car-pedestrian accident on Ferdon Boulevard claimed the life of a woman in Crestview.

According to the accident report by the Crestview Police Department (CPD), on Wednesday, Oct. 11th, a 22-year-old Crestview man drove his pickup north on Ferndon Boulevard and entered the intersection on a green light. CPD's report states he hit the unidentified woman as she crossed the busy highway against the crossing light. According to the report, the woman was "improperly in the roadway and was inattentive to oncoming traffic".

The female victim was taken to North Okaloosa Medical Center by Okaloosa County EMS. Medical staff pronounced her dead at 10:50 p.m. on Wednesday night.

It's the latest of several pedestrian accidents there in the last year.

The city of Crestview and CPD and say they are doing their best but are concerned. According to them, inattentive pedestrians are to blame for most of these crashes, but some pedestrians we talked to see it differently.

The orange paint still marks a spot on Ferdon Boulevard, a silent reminder of Wednesday night's fatal crash.

It's a road Alyssa Ganer walks along to get to work every day.

She says it's the drivers who aren't paying attention.

"I mean people just don't pay attention, they need to pay attention more to the people that are walking, they need to look across before they go, I think so anyways," Ganer said.

Car-pedestrian accidents have taken at least three lives since January on the county's busiest north-south artery. It hasn't escaped Crestview Mayor David Cadle's attention.

"We have replaced all of the lighting from I-10 to Airport Road with LED lighting which they had to have state approval, Gulf Power work with us on that," Mayor Cadle said.

Good news for Alyssa who must walk down this busy highway tonight.

"Well, people will be able to see us more at night. I mean people don't pay attention right here neither, I've almost been hit on a bike right here, twice," she said.

CPD say all they can do is hope pedestrians and drivers will remain diligent, and that as of right now the driver of the car in last night's accident will not be charged.

The incident remains under investigation as CPD is still trying to identify the victim.

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