Year-long investigation leads to five arrested in Milton

Photo by: Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office

A drug bust a year in the making finally came to fruition for the Santa Rosa County Narcotics Unit.

A search warrant and raid executed in the 6400 block of Barnes Street in Milton led to five arrests on Wednesday.

Rodney Davis, Karen Donahue, Summer Smith, Kassandra Lowery and Troy Brown were all arrested and taken to Santa Rosa County Jail.

Davis is charged with trafficking in meth 14 grams or more, as well as possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Davis was first taken to Sacred Heart Hospital, but not before deputies say they found approximately 29 grams and $3,000 worth of crystal meth in his pocket.

For about a year, complaints were reported to the Santa Rosa Crime Stoppers about activity at the home in Milton.

The Sheriff's Office said a number of people complained about traffic in and out of the home, according to Sergeant Blake Weekley.

"Obviously it was a quiet community, there was a lot of elderly neighbors in the area, and when they see an influx of people coming and going, and arriving and leaving in just a few minutes after that, it's usually indicative of some type of drug activity," Weekley told Channel 3.

Meth, pills, drug paraphernalia and more were found inside of the house. Four people were inside, including Davis, the investigation's main target.

"Initially, Mr. Davis apparently, sometime prior to our arrival, injected or ingested some narcotics, and appeared like he was suffering from an apparent drug overdose at the time," Weekley said.

Deputies say Brown tried to run from them, but they were able to catch him in a wooded area west of Dogwood Road.

Smith and Lowery stayed inside the house and were arrested.

Investigators say Donahue pulled up in a vehicle, walked up to the house during the bust and pulled prescription medicated painkillers out of her purse that did not belong to her.

"Overall, we're undermanned a little bit right now, we need some more help so it takes a while for some of the tips to get investigated by the narcotics unit, just because we get so many," Weekley said. "But ultimately if you called about this particular person 12 months ago, it just paid off today."

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