Administration official confirms Gorka 'no longer works at the White House'

FILE: Image shows White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka in front of the White House on May 25, 2017. (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A White House official confirmed on Friday evening that Sebastian Gorka, national security aide and deputy assistant to Donald Trump, no longer works for the president.

The official was responding to reports that Gorka stepped down from his position after expressing dissatisfaction with the "forces" in the White House working against the president's "Make America Great Again" agenda.

"Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he no longer works at the White House," an official said.

The statement suggested that Gorka may have been fired.

Gorka has long been seen as part of the faction within the West Wing associated with Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart manager who was fired from his position as White House chief strategist last week.

According to reports, Trump's new chief of staff John Kelly had recommended Bannon's firing and had a strained relationship with his faction, which included Gorka.

The Federalist reported on Friday that Gorka stepped down because his faction had been sidelined and he was dissatisfied with the administration's change in policy direction in recent weeks.

"[T]he individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again,’ have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months," Gorka wrote in a resignation letter obtained by The Federalist.

He further cited the rise of "forces that do not support the MAGA promise" within the White House and said he could most effectively serve Donald Trump's agenda "from outside the People's House."

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