Woman claims hospital flushed baby down toilet

Photo: Wesley Wilson / MGN

A woman is suing Wellington Regional Hospital claiming medical staff acted inappropriately following a miscarriage two years ago.

According to court documents,Linda Gomez said she was 19-weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital because she was bleeding. While she was waiting to see a doctor, Gomez claims she used the restroom and had a miscarriage.

She then claims that a hospital employee refused to retrieve the baby and instead flushed it down the toilet.

The interviewed the woman's attorney.

Kennan Dandar told the, "she could readily see the face of (the) child as it was flushed down the toilet...creating an image that (she) cannot forget".

Gomez also claims that Wellington Regional officials refused to retrieve the child so she could give the baby a burial "in accordance with her Christian faith."

In her lawsuit, Gomez is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

Wellington Regional has not commented on the lawsuit.

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