2017 Plays of the Year

2017 Plays of the Year

All year long, we were reminded why this was such an amazing year for sports.

Great athletes and teams delivered some special moments this year, but some stood out among the rest.

No. 10:

NFL playoffs back in January, Gulf Breeze grad Doug Baldwin makes an amazing catch. The ref said incomplete, but Baldwin knows better.

The Seahawks receiver used an unorthodox part of his body to secure the grab - and a catch it was.

No. 9:

UWF trailing Florida Teach by one with six seconds left and the Panthers have the ball. On fourth down, they tried to burn the clock with a pass, but they left a second; plus an intentional ground penalty put Argos kicker Austin Williams within range.

He was able to deliver a stunner - a 44-yard field goal as time expires it becomes a win for UWF.

No. 8:

Niceville grad Tyre McCants, a wide receiver for South Florida, made the list for blocking.

McCants made two blocks on the touchdown run, the second one was a doozie.

No. 7:

The Ice Flyers' Josh Cousineau went airborne to avoid the check and somehow kept control of the puck, backhanding it in for the goal.

No. 6:

NCAA Division II softball South regional - UWF was leading by one with two innings to play. A deep shot meant trouble until Rachel Wright saved the day.

The Tate High grad had a spectacular catchup against the fence to keep the Argos in front. They went on to reach the National Championship Tournament with a big assist from Wright's great grab.

No 5:

Pensacola High's Tyrese Albritton made the catch in the flat. After a few yards, he looks totally boxed in, but he wasn't.

Somehow, Albritton escaped tackle after tackle with a chock full of fancy moves and some speed to finish it off.

Albritton had an astonishing run after the catch that turned to what should have been a short gain but was a jaw-dropping Tigers touchdown.

No. 4:

Wahoos pitcher Tyler Mahle was on the verge of the rarest feat for a pitcher. He had a perfect game, 27 up and 27 down, no hit, runs, or errors.

Mahle ended up in the Majors before the season was over with that perfect night in Mobile.

No. 3:

A fast break for Devin Witherspoon turned extra special. A monstrous dunk by the Pine Forest sophomore - Witherspoon flat out brought the house down.

No. 2:

The regular season finale for UWF football - playing catchup at West Georgia.

Rodney Coates went Odell Beckham on the Wolves with a ridiculous one-handed catch that made ESPN. It spurred a comeback win that got the Argos in the playoffs. It was a stunning ride that reached the national championship game with its signature moment turned in by Coates.

No. 1:

One-hundred meter finals at the World Championships - it was supposed to be the last hurrah for Usain Bolt, instead, Pensacola's Justin Gatlin stole the show.

The Woodham High grad stunned the sport winning the Sprinting World Championship at 35 years old, 12 years since his last world title.

Gatlin defied all odds to beat Bolt, once again becoming the world's fastest man and earning our Play of the Year.