Friday 10 p.m. Sportscast 4/14/17

Friday 10 p.m. Sportscast 4/14/17

The Ice Flyers will probably lose a playoff game someday, but it sure doesn't seem like it.

Next up the top seeded Macon Mayhem in the league semifinals.

The Flyers playoff win streak at nine and counter after Thursday night's 2 - 1 thriller over Fayetteville.

The seventh seeded Flyers make it a two game sweep of the second seeded FireAntz.

Guys signed late in the season continue to have a big impact. Ken Neil with the top assist on both goals.

The first on a pretty two on one pass to Andrew Schmidt and then after the Mayhem tied it late in the third period Neil made it happen behind the net.

The series with Macon starts on Wednesday in Pensacola.

Game two is in Georgia on Friday and, if needed, they stay in Macon for game three on Saturday.

The Flyers lost four of six games to the Mayhem during the season, all three losses were at home.

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