McWilliams' long wait ending

McWilliams' long wait ending

Second team all-state for West Florida Tech in 2013, Rocel McWilliams signed with Missouri, but the defensive lineman never saw the field for the Tigers.

He redshirted in 2014 and didn't land any game action in 2015.

McWilliams transferred to South Alabama last year, but per NCAA rules had to sit out a season. Continuing to stay positive hasn't always been easy.

The long wait is about to be over. The Jaguars are counting on McWilliams on the D-line. He's listed as second team at defensive end but is very much a part of the rotation.

He's put on 20 pounds in the off season, making him even more powerful. McWilliams has also learned when to harness his explosiveness.

An almost four-year wait since his last game should end when the Jags open the season at Ole Miss on September 2nd. It wasn't the timeline he expected but McWilliams is keeping it all in perspective.

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