Roy Jones Jr. reflects on his career

Roy Jones Jr. reflects on his career

Hall of Fame boxer Roy Jones, Junior said his fight with Scott Sigmon will be his 75th and final fight of his career. It is the 25th and final time Jones would fight in his hometown of Pensacola.

In the days leading up to the fight, WEAR sports director Dan Shugart asked Roy what stands out, to him, in his pro career that spans nearly three decades.

"What could I say jumps out at me? Could I say I represented my country at the Olympics? I was robbed and I couldn't act the fool because I was representing my country? That could jump out at me. Can I say I became world champion when I beat (Bernard) Hopkins, because I loved it? That could jump out at me. Could I say I became pound-for-pound because James Toney was pound-for-pound, The Man. And I beat The Man, and not only beat The Man, I destroyed the man who was supposed to be The Man? That could jump out at me. Can I say I fought (Vinnie) Pazienza as he came back from a broken neck? A legendary fighter, himself, who came back off a broken neck? Yet, for a whole round, I didn't get touched in a whole round. Three minutes of boxing, CompuBox, first time ever to not get hit, at all, in a whole 3-minute round. That could jump out at me. So much, man.Beatin' up Jeff Lacy at 40 years old. Fastest hands he ever seen. At 40! That could jump out at me. There's so much, you understand me? I mean, winning the heavyweight title. I mean, becoming a Russian citizen and an American citizen. There's so much," Jones said.

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