Wednesday 6 p.m. Sportscast 4/19/17

Wednesday 6 p.m. Sportscast 4/19/17

It's the league semifinal, but it might feel like the championship series to the Ice Flyers fans.

The Flyers opened their best of three series with the regular season champion, Macon Mayhem, Wednesday night.

Former Wahoo and Gulf Breeze Dolphin Ben Lively has gotten the call to the major leagues.

Lively was called up by the Philadelphia Phillies who have a couple injuries on their pitching staff.

Lively was pitching in the AAA Lehigh Valley. He joined the team in New York on Wednesday.

Lively was 1 - 1 for Lehigh Valley, with 10 strikeouts and two walks in 11 innings.

He hasn't pitched since last Friday.

The Wahoos are going for their fourth straight win Wednesday.

Their 9 out of 10 now, but there is always work to do.

Reds' Hall of Famer Barry Larkin spent some time with the Wahoos.

Larkin is a special assistant to Reds' General Manager Dick Williams and he works with the Reds' prospects over the course of the year.

Wahoo's third-baseman Taylor Sparks has promising power, but he hasn't proven he can hit AA pitching.

Larkin's job is to help him reach that potential.

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