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On the map below, the circle over the Gulf of Mexico is for an area of low pressure heading toward Texas.  Development is not expected.  Also, we're tracking Cristobal and a tropical wave over the eastern Caribbean Sea that may become another depression though chances are low.



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Prep Football Final 11/16/2012

Updated: Saturday, November 17 2012, 01:50 AM EST
Prep Football Final 11/16/2012

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Play of the Week Poll

Vote for the 8/29/14 Play of the Week

Play 1-Niceville’s Tyre McCants great run.
Play 2- Catholic’s Cody Henry scramble, TD pass.
Play 3- Escambia’s Danikee Hollowell TD run

Poll Results

68.81% Play 1- Catholic's Daniel Byrd great catch.
17.32% Play 2- Navarre's Carter to Todd, jump pass.
13.86% Play 3- Cameraman Jason Robbins takes hit.

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