Huge turnaround season for UWF basketball

UWF Men's basketball coach Jeff Burkhamer was convinced his second team would be much better than his first, but even he didn't imagine the biggest turnaround in program history. The Argos have won already won 11 more games than last season.

Seniors Jason Laatsch and Deangelo Legrier have battled through some tough times at UWF, but after three years of losing about 75 percent of their games, it's been a whole different story this season. The Argos are 18-8 and have locked up a spot in the conference tournament.

"It's meant everything, you dream about a season like this", said Laatsch.

"We've always pushed for that, but seeing the results is something else", said Legrier.

They've done it with an impressive mesh of veterans, young players and transfers. They've found great chemistry and balance.

A plethora of scoring threats is making them tough to defend. Legrier, a forward, has always been solid on the defensive end, but he's really taken it to a new level offensively. Sixty-one percent shooting and 13 points a game.

With two home games to close the regular season this week, the Argos could lock up a top four seed, and home game for the conference tournament.