2017 Player of the Year: Dante Wright

2017 Player of the Year: Dante Wright

In some years we choose separate offensive and defensive players of the year. Other times it makes more sense to just go with an overall Player of the Year.

This is one of those seasons because of Navarre's Dante Wright. He was so good in so many ways for the Raiders.

His primary position was at receiver, where he caught 31 balls for 612 yards. That's almost 20 yards a catch and 10 touchdowns!

Wright is also lethal as a runner. Usually, on the jet sweep, he's had 33 carries for 520 yards. That's almost 16 yards a pop with nine more scores.

As a return, he averaged 26 plus yards on kicks, 13 plus on punts with one coming all the way back.

That's not all, Wright is also making a huge impact at defensive back with four interceptions, two for touchdowns, plus 45 tackles.

One veteran coach said he was one of the best players he ever coached against.

Every opposing coach raved about him with comments like biggest game changer, special difference maker, etc.

The bad news for the rest of the area is Wright is just a junior, so there's more where that came from.

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