Scholar athlete: A.J. Yates, Catholic High School

Scholar athlete: A.J. Yates, Catholic High School

Catholic High's Scholar Athlete does it all, on the field and off.

A.J. Yates has the ability to observe and quickly learn new tasks allow him to take on almost every position. From quarterback to receiver and everything in between.

"I get to see how different positions work, and it helps me get into the mind set into how they might think," said Yates.

"We can put him really in any situation and feel very comfortable to do the job we're asking him to do and perform at a really high level," said Head Coach Greg Seibert.

Yates' experience on the field makes him a good example for younger players at the annual Crusaders' Football Camp.

"He provides an example for those younger kids to simply try to be the best athlete you can be and do what your team needs you to do," Seibert said.

Yates tries to set a good example in the classroom. This year, he had a case of senioritis, but after getting back on track, he is excelling at his studies.

Yates really likes to figure out how things work and understands them. It's probably why Philosophy became his favorite course.

"It's just really opened my eyes on how we look at ourselves and the way we think," Yates said.

That kind of critical thinking is an asset to his future, possibly in criminology or biology, but it may not help him choose a school.

He's still undecided and is expected to take a little more time before making a decision.

"There are some options. Either UWF, Alabama State, West Alabama, Southeast Lousiana or Valdosta State," Yates said.

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