Scholar athlete: Caleb and Joshua Winton, T.R. Miller High School

Scholar athlete: Caleb and Joshua Winton, T.R. Miller High School

No, you're not seeing double. These identical twins are almost always in the same place.

"Because we're both in the honors program, we all take the honors classes and kinda travel together. So this year we have all of our core classes together and a couple of our electives," Joshua said.

Not much separates Joshua and Caleb; unless you count the seven minute difference in age.

They have the same friends, play football and baseball together and will attend Shorter University next year.

"There is not really a whole lot. We normally do just about everything together," said Caleb.

What does separate these two, three students in the T.R. Miller Senior Class ranking and two points on the ACT's.

Caleb is 4th in the class while Joshua ranks 8th. One likes English and the other prefers history. Plus there is a little 'friendly' competition.

"You know whatever he does, whenever he succeeds and I don't, it's not like I feel bad. I'm proud of him but i kinda makes me want to succeed so we kinda push each other to get better," Caleb said.

While the twins' friends say they can tell them apart, its their teachers who say they have to look at Caleb's and Joshua's personality to tell them apart. They say they have only switched places one time; in the 4th grade.

Joshua claims Caleb messed it up, but they both said they don't switch on the football field.

"A lot of people ask us about the quarterback and the receiver [telepathy] and I guess that's just from being connected for such a long time, there's a bond there," Joshua said.

Coach Andrew Thomas admits if the twins did switch, he wouldn't know right away.

"Sometimes I don't know who's who unless they got their jersey on, or got their number on. They could probably go out and switch positions and Josh would come back to me with quarterback [questions] and I wouldn't even know it at first until I saw him throwing," Thomas laughs.

Caleb joked he wouldn't let his brother take over quarterback duties.

Together they volunteer as flag football coaches and hope their hard work on the field and in the classroom will be an example to the kids they teach.

"The impact they had on me how I always looked up to them, they were my heroes and I remember how that made me feel, so I want to be able to do that for kids now so," Joshua said.

We can't choose between them so T. R. Miller's Caleb and Joshua Winton are this week's Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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