Scholar athlete: Cody Traywick, Crestview High School

Photo: Cody Traywick Source: WEAR

Cody Traywick is flexible- both literally and physically- balancing a full workload, while maintaining a 4.25 GPA.

"I take AP econ, anatomy and physiology honors, cybersecurity and web design," Cody says.

Plus - as Crestview High School's kicker - he's got to stay in top shape, conditioning in ways his teammates don't have to.

He tells WEAR, "Instead of strength training, it's more flexibility and speed."

That's why Cody practices yoga and pilates for an hour each day.

"It just helps you kick it further, and get the extra strength that you need," says the kicker.

Head football coach Tim Hatten agrees, saying "Whatever he's doing, the combination works really, really well."

Yoga isn't Hatten's cup of tea, but he says Cody's skills, coupled with his work ethic, make him an invaluable player.

"Cody is here every weekend, with his bag of balls, kicking on the field," Hatten says, "He just really works at his craft."

Before Cody even got into football, it was while playing a different kind of football, that he realized he might make a great kicker.

"I moved here from England. So you get your basic knowledge from soccer," says Cody, adding, "It's different follow-through, but it transfers over."

Coach Hatten puts a lot of stock in Cody because he knows how valuable a good kicker can be.

Hatten says, "We know what he's worth, because we've had years where we were thin a little bit, and we finally have a guy that can put us in position to create that long field."

As for Cody, he hopes to keep playing football after graduation - kicking field goals for either UCF or FSU - while earning a degree in computer engineering.

"It's cool to see what goes behind the websites that you use all the time and take for granted," Cody says.

"Whatever he chooses to do, he will be successful. He's been successful at everything he's done," says Coach Hatten. "He's a great soccer player, a great football player, fantastic student and a great kid."

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