Scholar athlete: Devin Abrams

Photo source: WEAR-TV

Devin Abrams has played football since he was big enough to hold one.

His dad, a former coach, drilled the love of the game into him at a young age - and is still his biggest supporter.

"After the game, he's going to come talk to me, congratulate me, then give me some pointers on what to do better," Devin said.

Devin's coach now - West Florida High School's Rhett Summerford - doesn't doubt his star running back will be playing in college.

"He's going to have options. He's out here longer than every body, he's one of those guys, first to the field, last to leave," Summerford said.

For Devin, though, it's not just about football.

"School comes first. I'm a student athlete, so if I want to do what I want to do on the field, I have to do what i have to do in the classroom," Devin said.

A schedule - jam packed with honors classes and college level courses - he wants to earn a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Intrigued by how things work, and why they do what they do, Devin's dream job is to design an aeroplane.

Just as pressure affects the plane's wings - it also affects Devin. Not only does he thrive under pressure - he also succeeds under it.

"As the game goes on, he gets tougher. When it's in that situation where we need someone to make a play, we look to Devin," Summerford said.

"I just have to stay mentally focused. If I let my mind wander and start slacking, then either my education or my football is going to fall off," Devin said.

With college on his mind - and the possibility of furthering his football career - it's no longer just his dad he's trying to impress in the stands. He's also on the lookout for scouts.

"I know they're there, I know they're watching me, so I just have to keep doing what I'm doing."

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