Scholar athlete: Hiawatha Stallworth, Escambia High School

Scholar athlete: Hiawatha Stallworth

Escambia High School's Hiawatha Stallworth makes plays on the field and solves problems in the classroom.

It's a lesson that he's been taught since he was young.

“For me think it started before I even started school, when I was four or three, it was really emphasized in my house the importance of learning and where it can take you and the doors it can open,” Hiawatha said.

For Hiawatha math and sports are his strengths, but it wasn't always that way.

“I think it was trigonometry or geometry I had my 9th grade year, and I saw my first d, and i was like ‘wow,’” Hiawatha said. “I thought I had every answer right and it was crazy, I knew I had to get serious about this. It wasn't something that was going to blow over. I had to practice, spend those nights long hours studying and learning math, it really helped me.”

His effort didn't go unnoticed. In fact, his coach uses Hiawatha as an example when the gators mentor younger kids.

Mike davis, head coach

“You know, it's somebody that, you know, I can use as an example,” said head coach, Mike Davis.

After being named a game captain the outside linebacker learned a new lesson in football.

“It's not just about going out there and making plays, it's about making sure you do your job and helping your team as they grow; to get the win,” Hiawatha said. “It's a whole different aspect, it's so much more than, you know, being the star. It's about understanding what it takes to have a good team and being that part to help the team grow and stick together.”

He is recovering from a recent injury and prepares for a future studying mechanical engineering he hopes at florida.

“That's my thing which I really like about engineering, the ability to approve and make things better,” he said.” I used to take the toilet paper rolls and I would use them to make things better. I would build all kind of things.”

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