Scholar athlete: Jason Fischer, Northview High School

Scholar athlete: Jason Fischer, Northview High School

One senior at Northview High School isn't exactly hitting the books. He's more of an online whiz.

Jason Fischer stands taller than the rest, literally.

His 6'6" stature is an undisputed advantage on the field, which is good since he's on it a lot.

Head Coach Derek Marshman has him playing both offensive tackle and defensive end.

"He almost never leaves the field," Coach Marshman said. "We're a small school, we dress about 30 every Friday night. So everybody has to play multiple positions. He's one of our few seniors, so he's going to be on the field a lot, and he's a big part of what we do on the field."

When the season is over, Jason got another quick turnaround.

"Right after football ends I'm going to baseball conditioning, get my arm ready and in shape, get my legs in shape," Jason said.

Being a dual athlete is difficult, but Coach Marshman said when it comes to Jason, neither sport takes a backseat to the other. He always gives it his all, earning the respect of his teammates and classmates.

"People are attracted to him from his personality. They want to be around him. They want to listen to what he says and do what he says," Coach Marshman said.

One of only six seniors are on this year's team. Jason's leadership skills don't stop on the filed. He also leads his school, serving has class body president for the last three years.

"I think if you're going to be a leader you have to lead people by your actions and by your actions, people will see that and will follow you through that," he explained.

When he's not working up a sweat, Jason is likely studying. Mostly online, where he's already earning college credit through dual enrollment classes.

"I'm going ahead and getting these classes taken care of so I can move on to taking classes that go toward my actual major," Jason said.

That major? Architectural engineering, which he hopes to earn while continuing to play football.

"There's no doubt he's going to have a great chance to play college football. There are a lot of things that college coaches can teach," Coach Marshman said. "He can do whatever he wants to. He's got the capability, mentally and socially, to go as far as he wants to go."

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