Scholar athlete: Logan Rickmon, Baker High School

Scholar athlete: Logan Rickmon, Baker High School

Matt Brunson has led an impressive revival of the Baker program. It's guys like Logan Rickmon making it possible.

Logan is a busy senior. He carries a full dual-enrollment course load, he plays three sports and don't let his size fool you, he's a big-time performer.

“But being undersized, other people, they look at me and they're like oh this man's not gonna tackle me and then I come up and tackle them and they regret thinking it,” Logan said.

“We tell the guys it's not the size of the gator in the fight but the size of the fight in the gator and he's a perfect example of that cause he give it everything he's got,” Brunson said. “No matter where he plays. Safety, linebacker, wingback, wide receiver. He's a jack of all trades, master of all.”

For most seniors, their final year in high school is usually pretty easy, but not Logan. You won't even find him on campus, because he's taking some many dual enrollment classes.

“I regret not taking as many classes at school cause I don’t see my friends as much,” Logan said. “I have three college classes and one online class.”

He says his course load is helping him prepare for college. He hopes to be a veterinarian so he can help animals.

“Our two Pomeranians, we didn't buy, my dad brought them home,” Logan said. “And one cat my dad found, it was a little baby and we bottle fed it, it didn't have its eyes open yet. That just influenced me cause I just love caring for animals and I hate to see them out without owners and not being cared for.”

He hasn't made a decision on where he will pursue his degree, but he's staying busy until then.

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