Scholar athlete: Nick Brahms, Navarre High School

Scholar athlete: Nick Brahms, Navarre High School

You may not see Nick Brahms on the field this fall.

“I ended up breaking my fibula, tearing a few ligaments and stuff,” Nick says.

But while the all-American rehabs his ankle, he won't walk away from his team.

“My job now is to motivate the young guys, keep them confident about their abilities,” Nick said.

He's training to rehab his ankle and to prepare for his freshman year at Auburn University.

“I've lost a little weight, my lower body isn't as strong as it was, so just getting that back and we'll see how it goes from there,” Nick said.

When he's not working hard on the sidelines or in the weight room you can find him working on math problems.

“Just finding that one solution. I like English, but not as much as math because there is so many different conclusions, but with math there is that one answer that is right.”

Nick ranks fifth in his class and his commitment to excellence never wavers.

“He's been such a tremendous student, and he's done that playing football, he's done that being injured, severely injured, and I think that's a credit to him and to his commitment and how hard he's worked, “said head Coach Jay Walls. “Nick's hard work and motivation could take him higher than he's ever been. If he chooses to pursue aviation at auburn.”

Despite all the possibilities, Nick stays level headed and works hard to help the future stars of Navarre football.

“We go to fourth grade class and just help them with projects and stuff, and just learning, learning different things they're struggling on,” Nick said. “About life too, you know, if they have any problems we kind of guide them in the right direction and just be a good role model for them.”

But he could also have a future in the NFL.

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