Scholar athlete: Raymond Freeman, Tate High School

Scholar athlete: Raymond Freeman, Tate High School

Raymond Freeman takes on a lot in the classroom. He ranks third in his class with a 4.68 GPA.

His favorite course is calculus.

“It kinda transfers in, like chemistry, a lot of math in there and then even learning plays in practice,” Raymond said. “It's a lot of plugging in stuff and getting the solution out for it.”

He wants to become a mechanical engineer like other members of his family.

“It’s just a broad scope for opportunities after college,” Raymond said.

Raymond's effort in the classroom drew the attention of top colleges, but he never dreamed a military academy would be one of them.

“Those guys are looking for a certain standard,” Coach Lindsey said. “And he's a kid that's met that kind of standard. To be able to serve our country and to be a leader within the military.”

Raymond's hard work and motivation in the classroom has him receiving an appointment to the Air Force Academy. There he will also be playing football, but the position he's signing for is not the one he's playing this season.

"This year I was like hey, I know you're going to be a long snapper in college, you'll do it for us on Fridays, but I want you to be a tight end this year,” said Coach Lindsey. “Cause we need you. As soon as I said that his eyes lit up.”

“Just trying to help out the team the best I can, anything that gets us down the field and pushes us through,” Raymond said. “As long as I can be a part of that, that's it for me.”

He has a passion to help his team and compassion to serve his community. As a member of the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Raymond has helped those who need it the most.

“Feels pretty good just to be a part of something,” Raymond said. “Your helping out the community and helping out other people.”

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