Scholar athlete: Sam Grey, Bayside Academy

Scholar athlete: Sam Grey, 9/16/16

Bayside Academy's Sam Grey is still writing his comeback story. The offensive lineman is working hard to earn a scholarship to his dream school at Auburn University. His coach, Phil Lazenby, doesn't think he'll have any trouble.

Grey has a 4.44 weighted GPA, thanks to all those A.P. classes and is involved in a slew of clubs and community events. Plus, Grey leads the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at school.

"My faith is probably my most important aspect of my life; Christianity. It's just knowing what I do can affect somebody else; how they view their life, if it's worth something," Grey said.

Coach Lazenby told Channel Three's Jackalyn Kovac Grey leads a few other players in a 'Hail Mary' for the team, each week.

But Grey leads by example in other ways.

"I could give him a task to do and I'd know it'd be done. I could give him any penny I had and I know he would spend it wisely," Lazenby said.

This year same wants to lead his team back to the state championship game. This year, he hopes to play.

Last season, Grey was injured, weeks before his team reached the state championship game for the first time.

"[I] got twisted up and I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle, and it was a pretty rough injury," Grey said.

"His foot was literally turned opposite of the way it's supposed to be. He looked at it and said 'I think it's broken,'" Lazenby said. "And I said ' I think you're right!'"

It wasn't easy, sitting and watching his team lose the state championship, but for Grey, this experience is what helped him find a new love for the game.

"It just really made me love the game again. You kinda forget what it's all about, just going out there and enjoying it; loving it," Grey said.

Grey hopes his legacy is one that shows he overcame adversity, whether it's something he's done on or off the field.

"My high school years have really been a test for my faith, because you have so much academics and athletics and you fail a lot. That's really when you grow the most and just learning that has been a challenge," Grey said.

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