Scholar athlete: Scott Marshman, Pace High School

Scholar athlete: Scott Marshman, 9/2/16

As the cornerback and wide receiver for Pace High School, Scott Marshman is always working hard to get it right.

"I've always wanted to be the best, strived to be the best. No one's perfect, but you strive to be perfect," Marshman said.

In everything he does, Marshman is quiet, calculating and looking for an edge; whether it's against the other team or with his course load. As a senior, this is Marshman's fourth year on the team, but his connection to the game runs deeper.

"But I can remember Scott as a little fellow when I was here before. He had a brother that played for me named Derek," Head Coach Kent Smith said. "Derek is the head coach at Northview now, so I've known the family for a pretty good while."

Marshman has a 4.0 GPA, as well as a number of extra curricular activities, forcing him to work overtime to get it all done.

"I spend about an hour and a half to two hours, not each class, altogether," Marshman said. "Sometimes I wake up in the morning and study for 30 minutes."

The time put in is paying off. Marshman scored a 32/36 on the ACT and plans to take it again to get an even higher score. He is applying to his dream schools: University of Florida, UCF and Texas A & M to major in electrical engineering.

"I like tinkering with things, building things. I love how things work and I just think it could be useful and be a good skill," Marshman said.

The busy athlete has also played basketball and run track but he still makes time to mentor young kids for Pace's Student Government Association.

"Every time I see these kids. I just smile. Both the kids I mentor have no front teeth, it's just funny and so cute; it makes me happy," Marshman said.

"You know he's not just a football player. He plays three sports and works in the SGA, which they work a lot of community service and they do a lot here at Pace High School. So he's a very busy young man," Smith added.

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