Scholar athlete: Zac Childs, Baker High School

Scholar athlete: Zac Childs, Baker High School

One football player at Baker High School is using his love for psychology to get into the minds of his opponents.

Offensive guard Zac Childs has a secret weapon. He loves to psych out his opponent.

"You want to get into their head, make them mess up, make them make mental mistakes so you can exploit that and do better on the field," Zac explained.

Zac said that's what keeps him one step ahead on the field, and head football Coach Matt Brunson agrees.

"Zac is a very hard worker. You've got to be a hard worker to be successful in football and he obviously understands how important it is to get strong, to be in condition to be the great player that he is," Coach Brunson said.

Off the field, he's looking forward to graduation and hopes to study psychology at Florida State University.

Eventually, instead of psyching out his opposition, Zac hopes to get into the minds of criminals.

"I watch a lot of crime TV shows and I like the people who figure out what the enemy is thinking and what we can do better to stop them," he said.

In addition to football, Zac has lots of extracurricular activities.

"I do academic team, I do stem club, I'm on the weightlifting team. There's probably something I'm forgetting about," Zac said.

Practically in every organization at Baker, Coach Brunson said Zac is in a league of his own.

"To be able to juggle all of that, like Zac has, and achieve the things that he has achieved, you've got to be able to set your priorities straight and be able to be a hard worker and be focused," Coach Brunson said.

By the time Zac graduates high school he'll also have earned his Associate's Degree, something he hopes will give him a head start.

"I like to do all the things I can to make myself look better for anybody who is going to be looking at me for college or jobs in the future," Zac said.

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