UWF golfer ranked No. 1 in nation

UWF golfer ranked No. 1 in nation

Chandler Blanchet is a name to remember. If you need help, check the top of the leaderboard.

The junior from Gainesville has won four of his last five tournaments, and all three in March.

"Really just coming together. Playing very consistent golf, right now." said Blanchet, the #1 NCAA D2 Golfer in the nation.

He was already an all-American as a sophomore, but he's refined his game.

Steve Fell, UWF Head Coach said, " His short game is very, very good. Putting is extremely good. He drives the ball extremely well, very straight, accurate. Hits his irons well. There's nothing about his game that is not good."

Blanchet is happy with his progress.

"Around the greens, definitely gotten better, which I've got to give a lot of credit to Coach Fell for. Making those pars. Getting those clutch up and downs keep the momentum going," he explained.

Fell said Blanchet's drive to improve is focused, intelligent and creative.

"He'll ask questions on the internet of some of the tour guys. He's got Joe, now, as a mentor, Joe Durant," said Fell.

Blanchet admits he covets the player of the year award, but team goals come first; and the Argos are deep.

Henry Westmoreland and Jacob Huizenga have both beaten Blanchet this year and local products Christian Bosso and Bryce Geraghty are also capable of going low.

"We all push each other every single day. Whether that's practicing out here in a short game contest or out in the tournament, we want to beat each other and continue to play well. So it kind of fuels the fire every day," said Blanchet.

The Argos have won four of their last five team competitions.

"It's good to have a collective group of guys that are really wanting to play well for the next guy. And that team chemistry is a big component to winning a national championship," said Fell.

We may know Chandler Blanchet's name for a long time, but first there's some Argo history to pursue.

"Focusing on the short-term goals. Win the national championship. That's the overall goal, right now," Blanchet said. "But when the time comes, definitely intend to turn pro and see where it goes."

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