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Could playing with blocks improve a child's math skills

For many children math is a stresser.
But now, new research suggests there may  be a way to improve your kids' math skills, and it might be as simple as playing with blocks.

Dr. Timothy Johnson explains.

For kids, math is a key component of school performance.  Some seem born to be good at it. Others just never catch on.

Could the answer to better math skills be a bucket of blocks?

Researchers at the university of delaware and temple university took more than 100 preschoolers and had them use blocks to imitate block buildings.
They found the kids who were good with blocks were also good at math.
They were also more likely to come from homes where certain "spatial words" were used. Words like "below," "above," and "near."

Of course, the researchers could not say for sure whether improving skills with blocks necessarily led to better math skills. But past research has shown that spatial and math skills seem to develop together. So the researchers say that providing your kid with blocks might add up to an affordable and easy way to give them a chance at mathematical excellence.

With this Medical Minute, I'm Dr. Timothy Johnson.
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