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Allergy Season

It's allergy season, which means a lot of people are dealing with stuffy sinuses and sneezing.
Stuffyness, blowing my nose a lot, just kind of feeling off, head full, sinuses feel full

If Nate Wiebracht's symptoms sound familiar chances are you've been taking in some of the outside air - and pretty plant life this time of year.  What's bugging you?

The combination of the high heat, humidity and the excessive ragweed pollen has been pretty tough for allergy symptoms.

Doctor Allen Seiden is an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.
He says don't count on *this season to be a kinder gentler one than those in years past 

Pollen counts are tending higher, and so are mold counts --so it probably is going to keep getting worse.

He does stress there are not a lot of newer interventions, but some of the things on the market really can make a difference in how you feel, for example he says if you've tried the over the counter things, you might want to ask your doctor about some of the newer nasal sprays, and if you are not doing things to control what's going on  in your home, you really can limit what comes in -especially at night.

Definitely I think the air conditioning helps to keep the stuff out of the house as much as possible.

If you want to sleep --run the air conditioning overnight:
Definitely  affects sleep for sure

And if you want to be active the next day -- you might need not just what's over the counter --
But what's behind it --
A variety of sprays which can be very effective for the nose, and oral inhalers for asthma are all provided by prescription

Nate says he hasn't gone that route yet --
I just fight through it, blow my nose a lot
Kind of interesting because he's in training to become an Ear , Nose and Throat specialist --what's that old saying --first heal thyself?

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