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HEALTH NEWS: Turns out mom was right about chicken soup

Turns out mom was right,, chicken soup really might be the secret to fighting off colds and the flu.

Talk about a recipe for success -- hospital chef Tina Miller says the secret to sensational  chicken  soup --starts with ingredients -- that are a powerful prescription for good health:

Carrots, celery and onion, garlic, which has fantastic health benefits, and then I used fresh herbs, I used fresh thyme and fresh parsley

Those ingredients have phytochemicals-- nutrients  in the colors, scents, flavors and textures -- you are likely going to need in the near future to fight off what's going around --

I think we've hit our peak of  flu season in the past few weeks.
Doctor  Rissover is a specialist in Internal Medicine who also coordinates the Wise Temple Brotherhood Chicken Soup Cookoff each year.

He says it's no secret the soup has medicinal benefits -- which can *steam*  open the sinuses.

There's something in the soup that causes the mucus to get out of your system.
 Not only that - it's cost effective --

Tina Miller/ Executive Chef  Leftover chicken is perfect in a chicken noodle soup.
And maybe even infection fighting -- by stopping the movement Doctor Rissover says of white blood cells in the body:

White blood cells are the things that produce Cytokynes, the inflammatory components things that make you teary, give you a runny nose, make you cough.

The best part of this of course, that this may be the medicine, not just for the body,, but also the soul..and it taste good, way better than any cough medicine.

So much better -- you'll probably even want Chef Millers recipe --Don't worry -- I got this.
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