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Lyme Disease Awareness Day

CRESTVIEW   --  30-countries across the world are taking part in Lyme Disease Awareness Day this Saturday.
One Crestview family is planning their own event after their daughter contracted the disease from a tick in 2008.

"Back in 2008 Nikki Murray had just graduated college and was getting ready to begin her life. Now this represents two months worth of medication Nikki has to take after she contracted Lyme Disease."

"By now I thought I would have my masters and I'd be starting a family, so it's kind of put that on a back track and now it's fighting to survive, but I'm not bitter about this at all."   
In 2008 Nikki started  getting headaches daily and feeling fatigued.
She had recently discovered a tick on her skin.

It took doctors a few years to put two and two together.
The tick was carrying Lyme Disease.

Nikki Murray "I have chronic arthritis, shaking, severe migraines and walking is interesting because I have fainting spells frequently."
Over the next two years her physical condition became worse.
She even had to step down from a management position at her job.

In 2011 she began Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. 
The treatments eased her symptoms but Nikki still suffers from symptoms.   
Her mother has been by her side the entire time.
Its taken a toll mentally and financially on the family.
Chronic Lyme Disease is not recognized by the Centers for Disease Control making treatments very expensive.

Connie Murray  "It makes no since why we can't get treatment for them with assistance for insurance many people have lost their homes their livelihoods their everything to treat themselves and its a shame."
The mother, daughter duo are now taking the disease on head first and are devoted making the community aware by holding a Lyme Disease Awareness event in their hometown of Crestview.

Trying to prevent others from becoming prisoners to the disease.        
"What we're about is fighting and keeping that hope alive and all coming together as a community."

"It would've knocked down anybody else. She's a tough kid, she's got a mama with a mission and we're going to take it day by day."

"The Lyme Disease Awareness event will be held here at the Old Spanish Trail Fairgrounds in Crestview on Saturday from 12-6.

"I love the outdoors I panic anytime I go near tree's where I know something might fall out , it causes a constant awareness."