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ESCAMBIA COUNTY   -- On the 3rd of each month we run a story on breast cancer called the "Buddy Check Three".
Sometimes it focuses on the latest in research, new medicines and treatments or it's personal testimonies from patients and survivors.
In our Health Watch report we go back to the basics to explain the Buddy Check Franchise
With the help of a few of our friends.
We think you'll know them
It is not easy to interview them together.

Two peas in the newsroom pod.
(("What you see is what you get.  She's so genuine and she's so real and she loves journalism.  I just enjoy her."))
What began as a bit of a mentoring relationship.
(("Hey, did you ever think of looking at it this way.  I look at it as a growing experience and I'm honored and thankful that she's able to help me out that way."))
Evolved into a full fledged friendship.
Another layer is about to be added.
The pair have agreed to become "Buddy Check Partners."

(("I think it's a great idea, because it's basically having someone hold you accountable."))

Each month -- on the 3rd -- they'll remind each other to perform a self breast exam.

(("You know, not as often as I should.  It's been a while."))
(("I think one time before I did a story on it and thought, hmmm.  Let me check this out.  But since then.  No."))
But first -- they realize they don't know how to do it properly.
No worries -- Sacred Heart Hospital nurse Patti Dye shows them how through the magic of VO and an edit bay.

Our Buddies are surprised that breast tissue covers so much of the torso.
(("Starts high on the chest wall.  Kinda goes out under the arm a bit.  You wanna check all of that area.  You also need to check under your arms for any swollen lymph nodes or any lumps under your arms."))

Dye is a Certified Breast Patient Navigator.
She says women should begin self breast exams at age eighteen.

And  that they should perform part of their exam in front of a mirror to look for changes in skin tone or texture. 
Breast cancer runs in Mollye's family, it does not in Ambers.
The pair gets serious for a second and start planning Mollye's first ever mammogram appointment -- Amber is going to go with her.

Dye says she hopes other women will "Buddy up" like these two.
(("To have someone up there encouraging, saying, yeah, you're busy, but you can do this.  It's a very good plan."))

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