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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels In Our Midst (Julia Dubose)

He can pull a wheelchair or a cart of groceries and guide the steps of his handler. In fact, she has him right by her side as she travels the hallways of local nursing homes. They're on a mission to bring back memories and to just make people smile. Voice of Julia DuBose; Keller is my handicap service dog, of course, having to accompany me everywhere. That's "Mr." Keller. He and Julia Dubose starting coming to the health care center when Julia volunteered to sit nights with an elderly family friend. Julia DuBose, Visits Nursing Homes; He is a big boy. He is a warlock, German bred, German Doberman Pincher. So, he's a big boy; 120 pounds. His gentle nature overshadowed his intimidating appearance and won more than a few friends during his visits. Julia; A lot of them, their response is, "We had German shepherds growing up, we like big dogs. Please bring him on in." Hey, Ms. Reba. I'm Ms. Julia and this is Mr. Keller; name for Helen Keller. Joseph Ballay, The Health Care Center Administrator; Somebody new and fresh from the outside just gives them a whole new perspective that just brightens their day. What kind of dog did you have growing up, a big one? Bird dogs. Though their family friend passed away, Julia and Mr. Keller keep coming back. And they don't come empty handed. Julia; That is the Aunt Susie Cunningham pound cake. They love to have the cake made from scratch. Takes them back to their mothers and aunts and grandmothers. Mr. Keller patiently guides Julia's steps, slowed and unsteadied by debilitating arthritis. They make their way through the hallways, stopping to share Aunt Susie's secret recipe and a little joy. Joseph; It is great when someone from the community donates their time. And it does take time to come in and visit because you can't stop and visit just one. We have 180 residents. Julia had to give up her job as a tutor to become full time caregiver for family members who fell to age and illness. She knows how important the little bright spots in a day can be. While her own journey can be painful sometimes, she has her source of strength. Julia; God. He just keeps me going. He did to nurse my four loved ones constantly and still does. It just, it means the world to come here.