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Angels In Our Midst (Ken & Kevin Rudzki)

18 years ago, two brothers decided they wanted to do their little bit to give back to their community. They signed on for service and what they ended up giving...Well, their friends say you just can't measure it. This was the dedication of some Angels In Our Midst. Kevin; My wife, actually filled out my application for me and turned it in. Ken; My father, when I was a child, my father was a volunteer firefighter. It was memories of his service. In 1990, when Navarre Beach had to stand up its own fire department, brothers Ken And Kevin Rudzki were two of the first to volunteer. Even with running their own businesses, they made the commitment to rigorous training and answering calls at all hours. Deputy Chief Kevin Rudzki; The community supports us in everything we do. Whether it be in our business or the fire department or whatever, so, this is what we do to give back to them to take care of our community. The Rudzkis took that commitment to a new level after Hurricanes Ivan And Dennis destroyed the firehouse. Though Ken lost his home and both had heavy losses to their businesses, they focused on getting this community asset back. John Lewis, Navarre Beach Fire Board; The two guys that took that on, with about a year and a half of sacrifice; working with the contractor, picking out a contractor, working with the county, working with FEMA and also the bank. Ken Rudzki, Navarre Beach Fire Volunteer; I'm stubborn and impatient and it needed to be done. And we just went after it and tackled it and fought for it. Ken even painstakingly drew the designs for the building himself. It's state of the art and should give mother nature a run for her money the next time around. Because of their dedication, the department's board members wanted the perfect way to thank them. John; Ken and Kevin Rudzki built this building from the ground up. So, from there on, we had, it was not a problem naming this building after them. They did it, they volunteered; didn't collect one cent. Naming a building after someone is a big step. So, the board went to the community. Tim Keohane, Navarre Beach Fire Board; We had their overwhelming support. In fact, the Navarre Beach homeowners' association, contributed to the cost of the sign. That's how much these two brothers are held in the esteem of the community. Ken; I was embarrassed and very emotional. We haven't done this, I don't think, for recognition. It's just a matter of being a part of our community. Kevin; It's a great honor. I said, it's not necessary, we would do it anyway. It's just what we do. And the community knows that.