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On the map below, the circle over the Gulf of Mexico is for an area of low pressure heading toward Texas.  Development is not expected.  Also, we're tracking Cristobal and a tropical wave over the Atlantic Ocean that may become another depression though chances are low.



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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels In Our Midst

If you have a pet, they probably depend on you for almost everything. Each year, thousands of animals are abandoned when their owners can't, or simply won't take care of them. The lucky ones find a refuge with the Angels In Our Midst. Voice of Evelyn East; Everybody's got to eat and everybody wants a clean place. I feel good about doing it and I know the animals appreciate it. Voice of Jozan Blount; I clean cat cages. I clean the cat room. I wash dishes in the cat room. I do laundry. And mop floors, clean dog kennels, take out the trash. It's all in a day of volunteering at the Pensacola Humane Society. Liz Ohlhorst, Humane Society Director; If we did not have our volunteers, we would not have a Humane Society. Evelyn East and Jozan Blount, like their fellow volunteers, come from all walks of life but it is easy to see that they share a common bond; they love the animals. Evelyn East, Humane Society Volunteer; Ever since I was a little kid, gosh, I remember, I brought home a little kitten and my mother said, Oh, that's great, but your father's not going to like it. Jozan Blount, Humane Society Volunteer; Just look at this dog. He sees me coming and his tail just goes...but, not just for me, but everybody who volunteers here that takes the dogs out. They are just as sweet as they can be. Most of these animals have been abandoned; some horribly abused before they made it here....where their angels pet, pamper and reassure them. Evelyn; Every one of these animals has a story, some, usually, not so good. And you kind of get attached to them but then when you see them go to a good home, that's what makes you feel the best. Jozan; We do one on one time where we scratch our bellies. You want to go for a walk. With an average of 50 animals on any given day needing medical attention, feeding, grooming...Everything...Commitment is another treasure the volunteers bring to the mix. Liz; Hearts of gold. Big, big hearts of gold. Every single one of them is so dedicated to what they're doing. Evelyn; Everybody gets a positive thing out of it. Jozan; And just have fun. It's not even like volunteering.