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Angels In Our Midst (Terri Stoker)

Many of us probably have some idea of what goes on in a typical classroom on any typical day. But, there are some classes that are anything but typical and days are far from ordinary. In these special rooms we find extraordinary people like Holm Elementary's Terri Stoker. At the head of these classes, we find the Angels In Our Midst. Six different specially prepared breakfast meals... Heavy lifting. Gently getting six children settled. Spoon feeding. This is just the beginning of every day for Terri Stoker. I would say it's before she even starts her first lesson but every moment in this class, is a teachable moment. Terri Stoker, Special Education Teacher; So that they're able to do for themselves anything that they can do on their own; that they're not totally dependent on others for all their needs. And each child's needs are different. Terri has to anticipate, to listen, watch...Read what their eyes are telling her... Terri; To find what learning style is best for them, which switch or which different assistive technology device helps them to communicate to us what they want because most of my children are not verbal. She has to be very creative . While there's a lot of new equipment out there that could help her children, funding keeps it out of reach. If she could have her wish... Terri; Oh, my goodness, I'd have more technology, definitely, more computers...output devices, more switches, more mobility equipment. And I'd have a bigger room for all of that too. LAUGH Brenda Estes, Special Teacher Aide; She takes whetever comes her way and she doesn't complain and she's just so gentle with the children. It's amazing to watch her. Nettie Eaton, Holm Elementary Principal; She has that aura about her that I am here for these children. It was almost as if the children were her own. The successes here are measured in very small things. Terri; And the little ones mean a lot to us. Terri; The smiles, and the eyes. Their eyes just light up when they know they've done what they've done.