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Angels In Our Midst

Two industrious young ladies set themselves up as entrepreneurs. Their prospects looks pretty good but it didn't take them long to change course. They decided instead to do the business of Angels In Our Midst. I think today is probably going to be the busiest day. The M & M Lemonade Stand, located just off the 9th Tee At Hidden Creek Golf Course, is about to open for business. That's "M" for company founder, 8 year old Morgan Drake and "M" for partner and sister, 13 year old Megan Drake. It's nice out here today isn't it. Um huh When they started the business last summer, it was about making money for those little extra "I Wants." true to her nature, Morgan also had a canister for donations, simply marked "Charity." Morgan Drake, Young Business Woman; Well, I didn't know very many charities, so, I asked my mommy what kind of charities and what they did and I thought the Make A Wish would just be the best one because it helps out kids. Marnie Gier, Make A Wish Volunteer; Make A Wish is a charity that grants wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. And they do some amazing things for kids. How y'all doing? Good. Here y'all go. Thank you. What kind of lemonade would you like? Oh, what y'all got? We have pink and regular. I'll take pink lemonade. The more they learned about Make-A-Wish, the more the idea of making a profit turned sour. We have pink and regular. O.K. I'm going to do regular. O.K. Morgan; The parents have to pay for the bills and stuff and they may not have enough money. And they might not have very many toys either. Morgan; The next year I thought I should do the lemonade for the charity instead of for myself and Megan. Megan Drake, Make-A-Wish Supporter; This money will go to somebody who wants something but couldn't really get it because they were so sick. We just kind of help out. Marnie; They did this all on their own. And I think it's wonderful. It's an inspiration to a log of grown up and children. What kind of lemonade would you like? We have pink and regular. Regular will be fine. Thank you. Megan; We've raised $347 so far and we plan to keep going until we can grant somebody's wish. $347 could make a nice little trip to the mall for M & M. Morgan; I could but I think it's better to give it to charity and help other people.