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Angels In Our Midst (Kiwanis Movie Night)

The motto of Kiwanis International is "Serving The Children Of The World." No matter what the needs, great or small, if it makes a difference in the life of a child, Kiwanians are somewhere close by. And sometimes, it's when the Angels In Our Midst do the littlest things, that it makes the biggest difference. Joshua; I can't hardly go nowhere. Justin; Probably sitting in my room watching T.V. or sleeping. Donte; I would have probably just been lying in the hospital bed watching whatever my mom put on T.V. But not tonight. It's movie night at the "Heart", Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Brought to you by the Pensacola Kiwanis Club. Craig Dyer, Pensacola Kiwanis President; We bring pizzas from Georgio's. And whatever the latest, latest kid movie is, we pick them up at Blockbuster and bring them up. Movie night started six years ago when one of their members had a child in the hospital. They've come faithfully, once a month, every month since then. Kathie Tofaute, Pensacola Kiwanis; Just to see the same faces month after month after month; those who are still here and it just gets to your heart. It really does. To think they've been here that long, it's difficult. They're the ones who spend a good part of their young lives between the hospital and being homebound. These children are often frightened, lonely and bored. Joshua Middleton, 9 years old; Can't go outside. All I can do is just sit at home and My Space. I got to be on my, what's her name, a machine for my PIC line. Donte Blackmon, 12 years old; I believe I've been in here since, um, Saturday, I mean Sunday, or Monday. The days just kind of go together, huh? Yeah, they all cross together when you're just lying in a hospital bed. Coming to the aid of children is nothing new for Kiwanians. 91 year old will Schrader's commitment goes back 40 years. Will Schrader, Kiwanis member for 40 year; We had saw to it that all children in school got a glass of milk everyday. All the children that came to school barefooted were given a pair of shoes. Whether it's milk, shoes or pizza and a movie, it's always, all about the children. Craig; We try to brighten their day a little bit if we can. Justin Richardson, 16 years old; It's pretty nice of them to do that for the kids here. It gives them something else to do while they're in the hospital other than just sitting there the whole day. Donte; I think it's great that they would spend their money and their time to come and make us...feel better.