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Angels In Our Midst (Bill Warren)

Before we learned of Sharon Smith's untimely death, we had scheduled an Angel's segment tonight, acknowledging all of the area's retiring teachers. Like Mrs. Smith, they have touched countless lives; they have touched the future. So, in Sharon Smith's Honor, we pay tribute to all of these Angels In Our Midst. O.K. Here we go. Everybody sing. SINGING: Father, mother, I am sick...call for the doctor, quick, quick, quick. Bill Warren, Scenic Heights Elementary Music Teacher; I studied band from the 7th grade through 12th grade. Being involved in chorus and playing piano, I decided that what I wanted to do for my life was to share my musical knowledge with other people. For the past 40 years, Bill Warren has shared his knowledge and "Love" of music with Escambia County students; and more than just a few children. Mr. Warren; 600, 700 kids, every six years and six into 40, you know. A lot? Lots of kids. Hannah Steele, Graduating 5th grader; He's one of those people who you're always so happy to see. He always has a smile on his face. You can tell his students feel free to spread their wings, test their abilities, try new things, knowing that the only thing they'll get from him is a boost in confidence. Dr. Sandra Durr, District Fine Arts Specialist; This is where they can shine. They don't have to worry about being graded up or down, they can be their own star. Hannah; Well, he just encourages them so well that they always tried their best. Mr. Warren; When they present a program and they're out there in the public and they're looking at all those people staring at them in the audience, I find that everything I told them comes out in the program. Whether they pursue it as a career or just enjoy listening, he reminds them what goes into every song. Mr. Warren; Somebody had to dream it up and write it, write it down on paper, compose it; musicians had to play it, learn it, practice it and make it what it is. As well as learning the highs and lows of music, he's helped his children maneuver the scales of life. This year has been bittersweet, it is his last teaching in the public schools. Hannah; I don't think he's old enough to retire. Ginger Maggiore, Scenic Heights PTA President; If we go out in public and we see Mr. Warren somewhere, they treat him like a rock star. They jump up and down, "It's Mr. Warren." He'll take those memories with him... Mr. Warren; That's what teaching is all about. The lives you've touched, the times you're shared with people, the memories that "they've" made and that sticks with them through their life. As my son-in-law says often, My pleasure.