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Angels In Our Midst (Dr Horan)

This past Friday there was a fitting tribute to a man who has literally touched thousands of lives. A scholarship was established in his honor and a clinic at the Seton Center For Pregnant Women will bear his name. There wasn't even standing room for all of those who came to say "Thank You", perhaps one last time, to the Angel In Our Midst. Jodi Russell, Grateful mom; He promised me that there would be no way that he would miss her birth. We had quite a time trying to convince her to come out and visit us. But, Dr. Horan worked his magic and gave us the best Christmas gift that we could ever ask for. Similar stories could be told...Oh, about 7000 times or so. That's how many babies Dr. Charles Horan, Chas to his friends, has delivered over the past 28 years. April Miller, Dr. Horan's former nurse; People come in and they don't have a lot of money and he'll just go out of his way to make sure they get the care and the respect and the time that they deserve. Dr. B. L. Stalnaker, Shared practice with Dr. Horan; He has the ability to communicate, to deal with their issues, in their terms. And that's a God-given talent. Voice of Dr. Charles Horan; If I deliver a baby, I become an indelible part of that family's history. It's so satisfying and rewarding. It's worth the sleepless night. With the same spirit and grace that he brought those thousands to the dawn of life, Dr. Horan now faces his own sunset. He has terminal cancer. Dr. Charles Horan, OB/GYN; I've had six months since my diagnosis to settle my emotional and spiritual and financial affairs. I have no pain, I have dear friends who visit me everyday. I'm a lucky guy. Ashley Wood, RN, Dr. Horan's former nurse; You know, he's like a dad. He just raises you up and teaches you things. That's why I went back to nursing school. He said, you need to do more. You just, you can, he said, you're smarter than that. The encourager, the consummate teacher; Chas did much more than bring babies into the world, he has mentored countless others to follow in his footsteps. Dr. Horan; There are physicians practicing now, all over the United States, who are doing surgery in a way that I taught them. So, my legacy is in the hands and minds of physicians that I've trained. He leaves a lot in their hearts too...Because he tended to more than their clinic needs. Dr. Jim Thorp, Dir. Regional Perinatal Center; In the times of the deepest and darkest valleys of my life, last seven years, and who has brought me through those valley endlessly, is Chas Horan. And that's the way he is with every human being. That commitment to his students, his patients, his colleagues...Came with a price. It was time away from family. Dr. Horan might do it a little differently today but there is no time for regrets. Dr. Horan; I have two unfinished pieces of business; I'd like to do more parenting of my children and I would like to have more days with my wife, but that is not to be and I'm O.K. with it.