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Angels In Our Midst (Keri Gauthier)

Community theatre was her passion. Helping people with developmental disabilities learn job skills was her profession. An Angel In Our Midst found a place where the two come together. We'll take you to "Wonkaville." You are definitely an Egyptian goddess right now. I'll tell you what. Voice of Keri Gauthier; I never dreamed ...I could actually work with them through music and drama... Keri Gauthier is getting her cast ready for the dress rehearsal of the Pyramid Players' fifth stage performance. Keri; They need to talk to me for a little bit. Ann James, "Pixie"; We're doing a performance based on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but it's called, it's a spinoff, it's called Wonkaville. Keri; Right here. I've switched you guys out so many times. As well as directing, Keri writes every script herself. Keri Gauthier, Creating Stars; I prefer to write my own so that I can individualize it a little bit better to our students. Keri; Curtain's going to start opening here. So, I need lots of energy, big smiles. Connie Cobb, Actor's Mom; It's her excitement, her imagination that gets them going. Song...I want candy... There will be months of rehearsals. Repetition is the key to success for her performers. In-between times, there are props to be built and costumes to be made. Will you be my girl? Right into How Sweet It Is. Keri; It's pure entertainment. It's pure joy. They get the satisfaction of doing a good job. Ann; It's fun. And I'm going to have a lot of fun. I enjoy performing. Song: I just want to stop...and thank you, baby. How sweet it is to be loved by you. The families know that every dance step remembered, every line memorized, is a milestone that will follow these stars beyond the stage. Keri; When they're out in the community, they also carry that, that feeling of self worth, that feeling of self assuredness. Their self confidence level has just gone sky high. Connie; You have to be prepared, you have to know what you're doing, you have to think about what you're doing. And that it's serious business. Yes, this is business and the cast knows that they've got to be ready to take this show on the road. Ann; Whatever donations we get, they split it up between us. Keri; They get a paycheck for doing that show. I wanted them to get paid as performers because if you do a job and you work really hard, you should get paid for that. And Keri's pay for all the extra hours and work... Just watching her cast take a bow. You can see Wonkaville on Saturday, September 13th at 7pm at the Ft. Walton Beach Civic Center.