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Angels in our Midst (Connie Cassidy)

Do you have that one person in your workplace who is the resident cheerleader; who can rally everyone around a cause.
Her co-workers wrote to us about the administrative assistant who fills that role at Armstrong World Industries.
We caught up with her this past Friday at the United Way Day of Caring.
For more than 20 years, Connie Cassidy has led a small army of volunteers from Armstrong World Industries in a Day of Caring.  This year, they're on the front lines to do a makeover at Currie House, Lutheran Services' Runaway Shelter and Family Counseling Center.

Jamie Cochran, Lutheran Services Outreach Coordinator;  It's impossible for anything that's just, even a want, and some of our needs to be satisfied without having this day.

Connie is very humble about her long-standing commitment and being named Escambia United Way's Day Of Caring Volunteer Of The Year.  It's simple why she does it.

Connie; Because I think I should.
They'll spend the next eight hours clearing brush, re-sidng a storage facility, power washing, painting and covering a gazebo.  It may be a natural for Connie but it's no small fete rallying a group and getting their buy-in to such a major undertaking.  

Jamie: Oh, she not only rallies them, she bosses them, she keeps them in control.

Hattie Williams, Armstrong World Day of Caring Volunteer;  It's very easy to follow her because she does lead by example.  Like I say, she's a motivator.

Connie Cassidy, Day of Caring Volunteer of the Year;    After they participate one time, they see what happens and they say, Man, I want to do that again.  

Whether it's doing the advance scouting of the job site, canvassing for donated supplies or getting food and water to sustain the volunteers, there are lots of odds and ends to be taken care of to ensure a successful mission.

Jeff Scroggins, Armstrong World Day of Caring Volunteer;  The little small details; the minute tasks in these events, the logistics of it...   She does all of those small things and all of those smalls things add up to be huge.

And huge is the impact on the agency and the lives of the children and families they touch.   If they had to put a value on what these volunteers have done ....

Jamie;  Oh, I can't.  We have 27 Armstrong people here ... I can't fathom what the dollar amount of that is for all of the work they'll do.  I mean, it's thousands of dollars.  It's something that is just not a reality for us in the budget.

Invaluable. All in one day's work; one Day of Caring, led by an Angel in our Midst.
Connie;  I do very little, I really do.  I do hardly anything but I think, if everybody does just that little bit, it helps.

 Angels In Our Midst brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.