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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels in our Midst (Fill the Mayflower)

As we take time to count our blessings, we are mindful that there are thousands of our neighbors who don't even have food to eat. So, we add to our list of blessings, that fact that we live in a wonderful place with so many who are willing to share.

Deedee Flounlacker, Manna Food Pantries Executive Director;  "We're providing them with three days worth of food right now as opposed to what we were able to do, which was five days. And we have a critical shortage right now of food."

With so many hungry and so little food on the shelves, the call went out to the community for help.

"You're our first donation."
And they came before daybreak. Some on the way to work.

Elvin McCorvey, donating to Manna Food Pantries;  "There was a need in the community and i just think we need to help.  Those of who can afford it, we should give as much as we can."

Peter Flores, helping feed the hungry; "It's important that people can get food on the table... That can't afford to feed themselves.  And it's just important that we reach out to the community and help."

The number of people needing help can be hard to grasp.
Flounlacker;  "We're providing food to 44,209 people in the last 12 months, sue, and 71 children a day."

And it is the children, the thought of hungry children, that especially touches the heart.
Veeda Grice, Remembering the children; "It's not just this time of year but all the time, all year round that kids are needing to eat and we should do this, not just thanksgiving and Christmas, but everyday."

People who've walked in these shoes, know that all too well.
Joseph Wing;  "We've needed help before.  We're just thankful for the times that we've need help and our church has helped us before.  Pay it back, pay it forward, you know.  There's always somebody in worse shape than you are."

Many were counting their own blessings as they gave.
Sheriff David Morgan;  "You said you needed tuna dna you needed cans of soup, peanut butter, etc., and so, i walked to my cupboard and guess what i had.  I had all three things.  And what a blessing for me to just walk over there, take these items out of my cupboard.  Again, we have families here who can't do that."

But, we are grateful for the ones who can and are willing to share. We'll continue filling the mayflower Tuesday from seven a.m. until seven p.m. And Wednesday from seven a.m. Until noon.

We'll gladly accept cash donations or donations of nonperishable food items; canned fruits, soups, peanut butter, breakfast foods.