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Angels in our Midst (Nancee and J.C. Marshall)

 "I received an email from an 11-year-old girl. She had a simple request; she wanted help to give a gift to someone special. I am happy to play a part in providing this gift for the Angel in her Midst," --Sue.

"Nancee Marshall is my foster mom.  She is an angel because of the way she treats us.  When you walk through that door, you can feel the love in her home.  It's not like you're in the house with a bunch of strangers, it's like a family.  When I first came there, I felt accepted right away," said Madison.

"We bring them in and we show them where everything is and show them where the bedrooms are going to be and all the things that we do," said Nancee. "Pappy takes them to the cabinets and the refrigerator and tells them there's always food, anytime they want it, to get it.

Nancee, or Granan to us, doesn't think she's doing anything special, but she is.  She's giving a home to us kids without one.

"I've always been around kids and I've always enjoyed kids.  So, that' uh, I guess that's my life. I want to help 'em," said Nancee.

A mother, grandmother, former daycare owner and aunt to seven adopted nieces and nephews, Nancee Marshall's life has indeed, been all about children. She and her husband, J. C., or Pappy as the children call him, have opened their home for six years to children in foster care.  They are outdoors people.

"And the taxi cab driver.  I take them to all the sporting events," said J.C. 

From the moment each child arrives, they're made to feel like they are in a home, not just a house.

"We sit and we watch TV together and we always eat dinner at the table," Madison said. "Whenever I was like, miss, or something, she was like, don't call me that.  Call me Granan. She always joked around with me and stuff and I just was never uncomfortable. It never was awkward."

Like most children in foster care, their children have also come with physical and emotional scars.

"Some of the kids come and they're just like this one; she was very laid back and easy.  And then some of them come that have a lot of problems and you just have to work through the problems," said Nancee.

"She's just nice and loving and whenever you need help, she's there," said Madison.

Granan and Pappy share all their love and care while the children are here and send their prayers when they leave.

"I hope they'll be a good caring person and pass it forward like we've tried to do," said J.C. 

Madison's future is uncertain. This very bright and loving child is waiting. She is now up for adoption and hoping that someone, just like Granan , will open their heart and give her a forever home.  Until then, we're happy to help her give the only gift she could afford to give to.

So, this Christmas, I want to do something special for her.  And I think that this is just the thing. 

And we'd like to help Madison get a gift for Christmas: an adoptive family.

If you have love in your heart and a home to share with Madison, please call Familiesfirst Network at 1-866-313-9874.

Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.