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Angels in our Midst (Bob White)

He did his duty for his country for more than three decades.
In retirement, Bob White still felt the need to serve for a while.
These days, he's signed on for a hitch doing the work of the Angels in Our Midst.
Are those current issue socks, do you know?  
They are

Air Force Retired Chief Master Sergeant Bob White came to volunteer at the Eglin Air Force Base Airman's Attic as a temporary duty  assignment.

Bob;  I said, I'll tell you what, I'll come over there to help you out UNTIL you can find you a manager.  Well, they stopped looking.  I've been here ever since.

That's going on nine years now.  He manages the Airman's Attic, a non-profit organization that helps service members defray the cost of setting up a household.  The group provides free furniture, appliances, baby items, clothing ...

Bob White, USAF( RET), Manages The Airman's Attic;  People come in and they need help; military people, especially the young newlyweds, the ones we target.  However, we'll help anybody, in the military, active duty, that has a need.

What size you looking for?
Bob;  These young people; a lot of them, this is their first duty assignment; first time away from home, their home state, their families.  So, there's a genuine need and there's an inner need in me to help those people.

The Airman's Attic is open  from ten til two every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Bob is here.  He also hits the road to pick up donated items every other day of the week, including weekends.   

Brenda McNeill,  Airman's Attic Volunteer;  That is Bob White.  He goes above, you know how you hear, Above and beyond.  He goes above AND beyond and that inspires me.  That's why I enjoy coming here.

Brenda McNeill is herself a six year volunteer here.  Bob inspires her and the other tight knit group of volunteers who are all either retired military or Civilian Department Of Defense Retirees.  There's a bond and an understanding that puts them in sync with the mission.

 Bob;  I felt a need to give back for everything that the military has given to me over the years.  
Margaret  It's a rewarding feeling like I accomplished something.

Brenda;  During our military careers, when we were in need, we were always helped.  So you remember that and you want to pass that one.  I always tell people that come in here,  when you get to the point that you can help, you know, you pass it on.

 As for Bob's "Temporary" assignment, well "Temporary" is a relative thing.

 Bob;  I'll continue to do it as long as I've got two feet that'll carry me here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.