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Angels in our Midst (Mr. Charlie)

Viewers write or email us about people who are doing good things in our communities.
One man sparked a letter writing campaign by the people whose lives he touches.
Needless to say, we had to go and meet this Angel in our Midst.
He's the first face they see in the morning, greeting the arriving students.  He's the last face many of them see when he sets them off safely towards home.

Collin Casart, 1st grader;  Mr. Charlie.
Bailyn Murdy, 5th grader;  That is Mr. Charlie, and he does everything around this school.  He like runs it.

Mr. Charlie, Charlie Dickin was a 35 year Gulf Power Company retiree when he literally waded into this volunteer "Career" five years ago.  It was a rainy day when he was dropping a grandchild off at Blue Angels Elementary and the school secretary was directing traffic.

Charlie Dickin, Mr. Charlie, School Volunteer;  And she was soaking wet.  And I told my wife, Geez, that's terrible, that shouldn't have to happen.  I think I'll go up there and start working with the traffic.

Then with a few more hours left in the day and since he was already here.
Charlie Dickin, Mr. Charlie, School Volunteer;  If it's something that needs to be done right away so the teacher can better direct her class, then I'll go down and maybe I'll fix a door or stop a faucet from leaking or something like that.

Kim Sasser, Blue Angels 1st Grade Teacher;  We know that those little things that would go undone, will get done because of Charlie.

If there's something that needs to be bought, he's gonna find a friend of his that's got a business or something like that and he's going to get it there for us.

Mr. Charlie;  Sometimes I rake the yard and I've cut the grass several times.
He fixes things, he builds things, he paints things like the crosswalk markings and this mini Snoozelen Center for special needs children.  Perhaps the greatest gift is his personal touch.  

Charlie;  I've learned to recognize different kids, you know, you see them everyday and you know when there's something bothering them and if I can change it, I'll change it.

Bailyn;  Everybody loves Mr. Charlie.  He'll be walking down the hall, everybody's like, Hey, Mr. Charlie.  They're waving and hugging him.

Kim Sasser, Blue Angels First Grader teacher;  You could come in and say, I wish I had a cup of coffee and he would be back there making a pot of coffee for you and then he'd come and bring it to you when it was finished.

And everything Mr. Charlie does, comes from a good place.
Bailyn;  He must have a good heart.
'Cause he does everything and I'm thinking, How does he do that without getting any money at all.

Charlie;  I think you need to do it from here ...
There's certain things in life you get more out of doing something that you do receiving and this is one of them.

There is one thing Mr. Charlie doesn't mind getting in return.
 You never ask for anything except a smile from someone.

Charlie;  To see them light up like that, that's actually my reward.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.