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Angels in our Midst (DJ Brent Lane)

This year's Pensacola Chamber Professional Leader of the Year, Pace Award winner has a name and voice that are well known.
Beyond all of his national honors, he says this was the most special because it came from his community, the place where he uses his name and his voice to do good.

Brent Lane, 2013 PACE Professional Leader of the Year;  "When I was a kid, my parents got me a boom box. I was one of those kids who couldn't sleep and I'd turn on the radio and listen.  You had this guy who was talking and all these people on the phone and it just sounded like a big party.  And I always was inspired by that."   

Brent Lane followed his boyhood dreams to a career in radio.  Now his phones are ringing, and all those people...

Brent;  "We have people who have called for years and years and years.  You know, you watch their kids grow up.  My favorite part of that is getting to know people and being able to interact with them on a day to day basis and share their concerns."

As for that party he envisioned, well, it is that and a whole lot more.  He uses that forum to do something about those concerns, getting toys for children at Christmas, blood for the sick, aid for veterans.  And there's the "after party", on his own time.  It's the time he spends emceeing community events, performing auctioneer duties for charity, stepping in whatever the request.

Kevin King, Cat Country 98.7;  "I've worked with a lot of radio people, a lot of professional radio people and I've never worked with anybody that's got more of a passion for the community where they work, than Brent Lane."

Brent;  "If you can help somebody help themselves, everybody wins.  And I like that and I look for more opportunities to do that."

The win that is closest to his heart is being able to help feed the hungry in the community.    Brent has served as Board President for Manna Food Pantries and works tirelessly on the annual Fill the Mayflower Campaign.  Those efforts drew heartfelt testimonials at the Pace Awards dinner.

Candy Ruddy, Cat Radio Morning Co-host;  "I think it's like 40-thousand that they feed every year right here in our community and he goes out of his way to do this."

Jay Bradshaw, Founder of Fill the Mayflower;  "Brent dives into everything he does fully.  He doesn't do anything halfway."

Giving it his all and always using his position for a greater good is the example Brent wants to set for his children.  

Brent;  "I want my son to know that just because he has enough food to sit down and get his day started, I want him to know that other people don't have that."

Carson, Brent's Son;  "Well, I thought it was really great how everyone was taking these cans and how much food they were putting in these trucks to give to kids who don't have any food at all."

Beyond all of his national awards, to have his works embraced by his children and his community, that is Brent's ultimate measure of success.

Brent;  "Man, it feels good.  You know, it's one of those things where, you know, when you give to somebody what you get back is immeasurable."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.