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Angels In Our Midst (Bailey Middle School)

Imagine that you're a parent, your child has a critical illness and "Money" stands between your child and life or death. That is the nightmare one Pensacola family is facing but their burden just got a little lighter with a life...From the Angels In Our Midst. Celest Powell; I have cystic fibrosis and it's a chronic illness. Celest Powell was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was just a year old. Her life has been endless, lengthy hospital stays and treatments. Today it takes incredible effort just to talk and things are getting worse. Aubrie Powell, Celest's Mom; She's needing a double lung transplant. The cystic fibrosis has just eaten at her lungs. At 14, she needs that transplant soon. Lucky Powell, Celest's Dad; 15 was about the highest that we've seenone get. He ended up passing away before he got his lungs. We just watched them all deteriorate over the years and she's going right where he's where they're at. While time is of the essence, it's not easy getting on the transplant list. Celest; The said I needed ten thousand to get the surgery. TEN THOUSAND? Dollars. Mom; It was, it just felt devastating, it really did. We're not people of means. So, I didn't know how we were going to come up to do this. The family's plight quickly travelled the halls of Bailey Middle School where celest is a student. Shawn Voyles, 6th Grader; I put $81 in pennies in this. Don't know nothing about them besides they have a lung problem. Carrie Ware, 7th grader; My mom collected a whole bunch of money for Celest. She got $202.42 Hayley Freer; 7th grader; It's amazing how many people care. In like the first day, people who didn't even know about it; they just took loose change; we got, like, over $300. The students even reached out to their community partners like the AM Vets Post 292. Dave Baden, Am Vets Post 292; We went to the post and said, you know, let's go ahead and dig deep into our charity and see what we can give them to help this little girl get healthy again. You have helped us raise $6850. Dad; It was heartwarming. It was unbelievable. Some took their savings, their allowances. It was just unreal that they would give up something like that for somebody they didn't know. Celest; It's a scary thought going in the operating room for 12 hours and hoping I make it. And hope I live a better life afterwards. That's a hope Celest now has because of the Bailey Angels. Celest; Thank you.