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Angles Starting A (Chain Reaction)

Ten years ago, general Colin Powell Founded America's Promise; a national alliance committed to the safety and well-being of the nation's children. One of their five promises was to provide youth with opportunities to help others. The youth of Pensacola Promise have taken the pledge and they're sparking a chain reaction. Kayla; We are volunteering to help the children out here just to play games with them and just have fun. Jarryd; I have to do the badges, the agenda, and pick what questions would sound good. Mary Kathryn; After a while, you notice that they are people just like everyone else. Members of Pensacola Promise Chain Reaction are spending their summer vacation doing volunteer service. Jarryd; Respect everyone else's opinion and what they say and what they believe. 15 year old Jarryd Boyd restarted the public library's book club. This is the second year's he's organized and run the program. The guy just happened to be a redhead and he was named "Blaze." Because you can't really tell if they're gonna get the mother's hair of the father's hair. Jarryd seeks out opportunities where he can make a difference. He says he gets more than he gives. Jarryd Boyd, 15 Year Old Volunteer; I mean, a lot of the organizations I volunteer with like Covenant Hospice; that's ailing, dying patients, and you really just get to volunteer with so many different organizations with causes that teach you life's lessons. During the school year, Chain Reaction teens help with homework every week at the Fricker Community Center. Now they're trying to keep the learning going disguised as fun. Kayla Smith, 13 Year Old Volunteer; How to play different games that they play in other cultures and everything, it's really cool. Kayla; Actually, I'm having a lot of fun doing this. I think it's a wonderful time. Mary Kathryn; It give me the feeling that I'm doing something special for someone else. And I'm spending my time productively. Yet another group is making a day special for these adults with cerebral palsy. Just by doing little things sometimes, you generate a lot. Mary Kathryn Brummet, 16 Year Old Volunteer; That's what makes it special is that you're here with people that don't normally get time spend with them. Jarryd; I hope, like, I can impact one of them to go and impact someone else. And kind of cause a reaction. Nora Newcomb, Future Volunteer; They're just a charity organization. People volunteer their time because without it, you know, it would be very hard to do things like that. Hey, where would this country be without it.