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Sexual Offender round-up in Escambia County

ESCAMBIA COUNTY    --  U.S. Marshals and the Escambia Sheriff's Office are working together to round up sex offenders.

They've arrested 19 people in different areas of Escambia County.
Most for failing to report a change of address.

County records show two of the suspects were staying here at this half-way house on West Fairfield Drive.
They're currently being held on no bond.
The other suspects have addresses listed throughout the county.
Louise Brownlee, Neighbor of Suspect: "It's bad because he livin' right there."
Louise Brownlee and her teenage niece and nephew live two doors down from one of the suspects on West Hernandez Street.
She had no idea her neighbor, Ray Carter, was a registered sex offender.
Louise Brownlee, Neighbor of Suspect: "They shouldn't be in this neighborhood stayin' nowhere."

Adam Cline, Roommate of Suspect: "They went to look at the truck and he was asleep inside the truck."
Adam Cline says Carter, on old friend, had been living with him.

Adam Cline, Roommate of Suspect: "When he opened the door they pulled him out on the ground and started arrestin' him. They started punchin' him and kickin' him and hittin' on him and all kind of stuff, man."
Carter is currently being held on ten-thousand dollars bond.
Donna Meyers, Lives in Raided Apartment: "I had no clothes on."
Donna Meyers lives in an apartment off Hollywood Avenue.
She says several U.S. Marshals came to her door early in the morning while she and her two daughters were sleeping.

Donna Meyers, Lives in Raided Apartment: "I asked can I go put some clothes on and they wouldn't allow me to. I had to open my door because if I didn't they would've kicked it in. They asked for my name and then next thing you know they came in. They had lights, they had guns and they had a big shield."
Meyers says the marshals told her they were looking for a man she used to date.
She said he was not at her apartment.
We've seen several new mugshots popping up on Escambia County's jail-view website throughout the day.
It looks like all of the men have been charged with failure to report an address change or to register properly.

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office says this is an ongoing operation and that more information will be released when the investigation is complete.

The state's Sex Offender Registry is online.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website shows you offenders who've disappeared.
And it lets you put in your address to see if any offenders live nearby.